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  • As an act of resistance, and empowerment, I am exploring the role of SPIRITUAL SUSTAINABILITY

  • I look to the stories of my village (including my peers, family, and black artists who’ve come before me) to INSPIRE, INFORM, and GUIDE my journey navigating this role

  • Their stories are happening now. It is crucial that the paintings provoke discussion

  • Informed by my collective past and my obsession with cultivating an AFROFUTURE, I create paintings whose temporal place is set in the present

  • They are an urgent RESPONSE

  • The paintings are a vessel for HEALING to combat the passive violence of silencing that has encompassed the village

  • With MINDFULNESS I confront the conflict that I feel towards my institutional past/present directly with the peace and strength that I recieve from my spiritual village

  • Here is a site of acceptance, visibility, confrontation, and empowerment

  • Here is a portal into the pursuit for personal and collective SPIRITUAL WELLNESS & FREEDOM, creative liberty, and productive healing


A few things about me...

  • My hometown is Springfield, Massachusetts

  • I received my BFA in Fine Art from Parsons School of Design at the New School with a minor in Sustainable Cities 

  • I am on a spiritual journey that directly informs my artistic practice

  • Mindfulness is my favorite medium along with oil paint

  • I support the Emancipation Initiative that works to abolish Life Without the Chance of Parole (LWOP) sentencing in the United States

  • I love empowerment. Let me cheer you on (especially my fellow black/brown/POC and queer artists and creatives)!

  • During my free time I might be meditating, journaling, jogging, reading, exploring the neighborhood, cooking or eating a great snack

  • I value and appreciate connecting with you here! Tell me your perspective, let's dialogue


Contact Me

Thank you for reviewing my portfolio and sharing in virtual community together. Let's talk. Please write me for inquiries,  feedback, musings or to find out more.

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